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2 | J Steel Australasia J Steel Australasia is a leading supplier of steel products to the construction and engineering sectors within Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. Since being founded in 1992, they have offered customised steel solutions for a widerange of civil, marine and general engineering and construction applications. Over the years, J Steel has developed a reputation for quality and value for money. That reputation has been built on their fully integrated service, which encompasses procurement, manufacturing and delivery. By providing that complete project service in-house, J Steel can ensure the quality of supply, reduce project risk for their customers, and create cost savings through design optimisation. As a result of their high level of service, J Steel has grown to be the largest stockist of steel

J Steel Australasia | 3 and vinyl sheet piles in Australia. They are 100 per cent Australian-owned, and have stockyards in Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland. PROVIDING PEACE OF MIND J Steel is committed to delivering the highest quality products and services to its customers in a timely, safe and reliable manner. According to Director Phil McPherson, the company has lived up to that commitment due to their status as “more than just a steel trader.” “Traders tend to purely look at financial transactions with minimal risk,” McPherson explains. “What sets us apart is we provide a complete project service. We take on the risks. We provide the finance, we provide the currency and foreign exchange hedging, and we actually monitor the quality and ensure the quality.”

4 | J Steel Australasia By undertaking those risks themselves, J Steel can ease the minds of their clients. Rather than purchasing product from overseas – which can be a risky proposition – Australian companies can purchase domestically from J Steel. That way, they can be assured that they are getting what they need and paid for, without having to deal with any complications. In general, McPherson says J Steel’s ability to provide that peace of mind is what sets the company apart in the eyes of their customers – who are mainly major construction and engineering contractors. By providing a comprehensive range of services, J Steel can deliver solutions to client’s exacting technical requirements, programs and budgets. As an example of their premium service in action, J Steel recently worked on a Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group (NCIG) wharf upgrade with the multinational construction company Laing O’Rourke. That project involved the fabrication of deck units that were “basically lifted into place,” McPherson says. The specifications for that job were well beyond the Australian standard, he adds, but J Steel was still able to manufacture and supply those units to a “very satisfied customer, who was very pleased with the quality.” STRENGTH IN VARIETY McPherson credits the success of J Steel not just to their range of services, but also to the calibre of the people executing those services. At J Steel, they employ many types of workers from a vari-

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J Steel Australasia | 7 Goldstar Transport provides a dedicated team to move your freight, whether you require the transportation of Palletised, fragile, general, or over dimensional or odd-shaped freight, WE ARE THE TEAM OF PROFESSIONALS TO CONTACT. We offer Total Transport and Logistic Solutions through our massive range of Primemovers, extensive range of Trailers including Flat-Tops, Tautliners and specialised trailers such as Dropdecks and Lowloaders. 21 Sheffield Road Welshpool, Perth Western Australia 6106 E: admin@goldstartransport.com.au www.goldstartransport.com.au (08) 9451 2070  24/7 Dedicated Transport Solution Goldstar Transport is proud to be a service provider to J Steel’s successful operations ety of professional backgrounds. They have staff members versed in everything from engineering to fabricating to logistics. “We have a real diverse range of people,” McPherson says. “Our strength is in the variety of our staff and the fact they can look at problems and issues from all perspectives, and then put a solution together that suits the client and the supply chain.” When recruiting, McPherson says J Steel aims to bring on board people with dedication. “We’re looking for people who enjoy their jobs, and enjoy variety,” he explains. “We’re looking for people with an underlying commitment to succeed. I don’t want someone who just wants to do a job for a paycheque at the end of the day.” Once someone joins the J Steel family, they tend to not want to leave, McPherson adds. “We have a high retention rate. We work with a diverse range of clients and projects, which tends to keep people interested – and the people we employ tend to get along very well.” J Steel also enjoys excellent, longstanding relationships with their major partners and suppliers – many of whom are world leaders in their field. As a result of those lasting relationships, J Steel is able to offer the highest quality products available on the global market. ArcelorMittal, for example, is the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of steel, and the largest producer of hot rolled and cold rolled steel sheet piles. J Steel’s relationship with them

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J Steel Australasia | 9 goes back to their own inception, and to this day they exclusively represent ArcelorMittal in Australia for the supply of steel sheet piles and structural sections. In 2011, when ArcelorMittal celebrated their centenary, J Steel was invited to attend. J Steel’s Managing Director was one of only a few people invited to speak on behalf of the ArcelorMittal’s customers. “That’s a testament to the way they hold us in high regard,” McPherson says. “We work very hard for their products in Australia, and we’re quite like-minded. We’re both honest, and like to maintain a great degree of integrity in how we deal with people.” J Steel has developed similarly close relationships with partner companies such as Anker Schroeder, Crane Materials International, PT. Hanjung Indonesia, and Pilequip Australia Pty Ltd. VERTICAL INTEGRATION Since their inception, J Steel Australasia has experienced consistent and significant growth. Even throughout the recent global financial crisis, the company has managed to keep expanding, and have increased their staff and footprint by adding offices in Brisbane and Perth. Now, with the crisis receding, the company is looking at bolstering their growth by becoming even more of an asset to their customers than they already are. “We are looking at being more vertically integrated, with greater service for our customers,” McPherson explains. “When people come to us, we don’t want to just sell the products, we want to actually provide engineering services, project management assistance, and installation expertise that some of our customers may not have.” “We want to provide the whole package,” he says.