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Sarpel Homes | 3 Building a new home presents many challenges – and Sarpel Homes is a builder with the solutions. They understand that their homes may represent the greatest investment their clients will ever make, and they know that every decision that goes into making a home is an important one. They provide ideas, practical advice, and work closely with clients to help them make the best choices. “We listen to our clients and design quality homes built to last,” says Director Mario Sarac, reciting the Sarpel Homes promise. “Every Sarpel Home is built by qualified tradesmen to exacting standards and will incorporate the very best materials, finishes and hardware.” HOMES FOR INDIVIDUALS At Sarpel Homes, they pride themselves on providing a completely personalised service. Every Sarpel Home is an original, according to Mario,

4 | Sarpel Homes because every home is designed to reflect the individual touch, taste and style of their clients. Throughout the building process – starting at the design stage – Sarpel encourages their clients to modify their plans to suit their lifestyle. “Nobody knows what the client really needs better than themselves,” Mario says. “So we listen to what they want and create an individual home that will reflect that.” “And we also do everything for them, from start to finish, from the design to the building to dealing with the council,” he adds. “We go as far as the client wants us to go.” Unlike many other homebuilders, Sarpel Homes also has landscaping capabilities, and are more than willing to go the extra mile and install features such as swimming pools. They provide a truly turnkey service, Mario says – and they do it in a way that is completely transparent. “We consider ourselves to be very honest,” he explains. “When we sit down with a person, they tell us they have ‘X’ amount of dollars to spend, and they tell us exactly what they want to achieve – and we design to that.” Mario and his wife established Sarpel Homes in 2001. In the years since, the company’s in-depth service has already been continuously awarded by repeat work and lasting relationships. “We often get invited to customer’s barbecue at completion of work, so I like to think our relationships with our customers is very strong,” Mario says. “That likely comes from the fact that we’re a family-oriented business. My wife works with me, and whoever else works in the business with us is treated like family, and we expect the same in turn. That rubs off on customers.”

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Sarpel Homes | 7 ATTENTION TO DETAIL Sarpel Homes typically builds for second, third or fourth homebuyers, with their average home priced at roughly $700,000. Their homes embody “stylish design, quality workmanship, and sheer liveability” – and they are also built to last. To ensure the longevity of their product, Sarpel Homes employs experienced building supervisors who implement total quality management standards. The company also utilises the very best quality of materials, and ensures all of their tradesmen are highly-skilled. “Over the years I’ve managed to weed out the subcontractors and suppliers who aren’t doing the right thing, or aren’t nice people,” Mario says. “Now I can’t speak highly enough of my subcontractors and suppliers.” “Some of them I’ve been using for more than the 12 years I’ve been involved in Sarpel Homes,” he adds. “I have people I’ve been working with for almost 20 years. I have some very good, trusting relationships.” By fostering strong relationships with suppliers and tradesmen, Sarpel Homes has been able to complete some of the highest quality work in the state of New South Wales. In 2012, that effort was validated at the HIA-CSR NSW Housing Kitchen & Bathroom Awards, where the company won two awards for ‘Display Home of the Year’ and ‘Display Home over $450,000’, and was a finalist in the ‘Home of the Year’ category. Sarpel’s two wins were for their Sienna Lee display home, located in Homeworld 5. The Sienna Lee design includes two levels, a double garage, and a porch. It proves to clients the quality Sarpel Homes is capable of, and is fully customisable. “It’s the first awards we’ve ever entered, so it Proudly supporting Sarpel Homes For more information visit Bradnam’s Cavity Sliding Doors will revolutionise how outdoor and entertainment areas are designed. Unlike traditional ‘entertainment doors’ such as stacker doors or bi-fold doors, our Cavity Doors truly provide unobstructed views and access. Seamlessly gliding out of sight, they don’t have fixed or folded panels impeding the free flow from indoor to outdoor areas.

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Sarpel Homes | 9 was a nice surprise to win,” Mario says. “It’s nice to be recognised by your peers, who have looked at other houses and said, ‘Yours is the best.’” Mario credits the company’s win to their attention to detail, which he in turn credits to their limited size. Because Sarpel Homes never takes on more than they can handle, they are able to have than one person review every home they complete. If someone spots a flaw, or determines an aspect of the building is not up to the company’s high standards, the problem is rectified before the home is handed over. “Even if there’s something that I know will pass, I say no,” Mario says. “I don’t want the home to be passable. I want the homes to be as perfect as I can make them, and I think that desire goes a long way. If we can make it better – or if we can do it differently and achieve a better result – we’ll do it, even if it costs a few dollars more at the end of the day.” Moving forward, Mario says his goal is to continue to providing award-winning attention to detail on every project. The company currently builds roughly 15 quality homes per year –Mario says that’s his ideal volume. “I like the company the size that it is,” he says. “I like the attention to detail that we can give, and I like the fact that we can get to know every client and every client gets to know us.” “I want to continue doing what we’re doing,” he concludes. “I want to continue building quality homes, and providing our customised service for satisfied clients.”