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Tailored Project Group | 3 Based in Brisbane, and working throughout South East Queensland, Tailored Project Group is a building company – but they are also much more than that. They form strong partnerships with clients, and strive to understand the cultures, challenges and needs of everyone they work with. From there, they aim to tailor a construction and property service that meets those needs. “We want to make a client’s property vision become a reality,” says Geoff Boon, Director of the Group. “And in every sector we work in, we do everything they can to make each and every project a complete success.” Geoff learned that commitment over the course of a lengthy career in the building industry. Before striking out on his own in 2004, he spent years gaining experience at some of the larger construction companies in the region. At the start, the company was called Tailored Projects, and focused on servicing the industrial property sector. They concentrated on building new concrete tilt panel structures for both owner-occupiers and investors, and ended up building a loyal base of clients as a result. As their clients grew, Tailored Projects grew alongside them, and in 2011 they evolved on the back of customer demand to become “a full service organisation.” In addition to gaining a new name, Tailored Project Group diversified significantly. Today, the company’s service markets include: residential; commercial, industrial, education, refurbishments, office fit-outs; and – more recently – maintenance. BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS In recent years, Tailored Project Group has tackled projects valued anywhere from $10,000 to $2 million. According to Geoff, the company is set apart in that niche by their commitment to building relationships, not just buildings. With every job, they work closely with their clients, consultants and team members, and make living up to their promises an overriding focus. “It’s all about delivering the project to customers how they want it, when they want it,” Geoff says. “That’s how we form strong partnerships.”

4 | Tailored Project Group They also form positive relationships, Geoff adds, by doing their due diligence beforehand. Prior to undertaking a project, they make sure that everyone they work with shares their values – which include safety, reliability and accountability. The company also values communication – which is why they are in constant contact with their clients, and make sure that all of their questions and queries are promptly addressed. Geoff also makes himself personally available, so clients are free to call him up anytime and speak to the Director himself. Because he’s involved with the whole process, he will have the answers for them. “Our goal is to form clients for life,” Geoff says. “Everything we do goes towards achieving that goal.” Another aspect of Tailored Project Group that sets the company apart is their emphasis on “team culture,” Geoff adds. That starts with Geoff himself, as the Director, and goes all the way to the office staff and labourers on site – many of whom have been with the company since its inception. “We are all in this together, and the best results for the company and individuals occur when the core operate with a common goal,” Geoff says. “We have open lines of communication and we give our employees good opportunity to develop within the company,” he adds. “This allows everyone to reach their full potential.” Tailored Project Group also forges strong and lasting partnerships with their core consultants, subcontractors and suppliers. Geoff says those people are key to the success of the business, and they are never treated as anything less. “Without them performing, we can’t per-

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6 | Tailored Project Group form,” he says. “They are our lifeblood. We do everything we possibly can to make sure they make money on sites, so we can make money on sites as well. And we value their feedback throughout the project, because they can often help us deliver a better result for the client.” THE BEST RESULTS Tailored Project Group’s focus on quality work has paid off in many ways throughout the years. From the very start of the company’s life, for example, it has earned them repeat business and positive word-of-mouth. Those avenues now account for the majority of the company’s workload – Geoff says he’s been working with some of his developer clients for more than 10 years, on more than a dozen projects. The company’s relentless pursuit of quality has also earned them recognition from the MBA Housing and Construction Awards. In 2012, for instance, they won an accolade in the Low-Rise Multi-Residential category. The winning project is at 8 Redcar Street, Bulimba, and consists of three double storey upmarket townhouses. The townhouses all have verandas, open carports, Tailored Project Group has five key values, all of which are ever-present in their minds of their team members. According to Geoff, those values can be summarised into five key words or phrases. CLIENTS FIRST – “We always hold the client’s best interests at the forefront of our decisions,” Geoff says. ALWAYS SAFE – “Which is what it sounds like,” he explains. “We always operate the safest way.” COUNT ON US – “We are on time, all the time. We do what we say we will do,” he says. EASY – “We make it as easy as possible for our clients, partners and team to do business.” DO IT ONCE, DO IT RIGHT – “We are accountable for our workmanship,” Geoff says. “We take pride in everything we do.”

Tailored Project Group | 7 quality landscaping, and generally high quality fittings. TheMBA judges paid attention to all those features in their evaluation -- and also noted the fact that TailoredProjectGroup had to contend with considerable site constraints, while still delivering on time and on budget. “We value that recognition very highly,” Geoff says of the award win. “And clients value it too. They know that if we’ve won an award for a job, and the same team is involved, there’s a high chance we can achieve the same quality result for them.” Geoff credits the victory – and the company’s success in general – to his team’s adherence to certain key operating principles, which have been in place ever since the brand’s inception. One of those principles is inno-

8 | Tailored Project Group vation. “We continue to develop our processes, products, and systems to be better organised, more efficient and reduce operating costs,” Geoff says. A related principle is productivity – and Geoff says they are living up to that principle by continually introducing new tools, equipment and procedures to help maximise their revenue and quality. Thirdly, Tailored Project Group subscribes to the principle of strong leadership, and guarantees the presence of supervision and authority at all times. That helps to ensure that everybody is on the same page, and always working towards the goal of the client. LEADING THE WAY Moving forward, Geoff says the company has projects in the pipeline for all sectors, and are “excited with the new wave of opportunities.” He hopes to seize those opportunities, and grow Tailored Project Group to turnover $25 million

Tailored Project Group | 9 within five years. “We’re halfway to that now, so I think that’s very achievable with the skilled team we have in place,” he says. Between now and then, Geoff adds that he hopes to grow the Group’s maintenance division, and gain a stronger reputation as a “full-life builder.” He wants Tailored Project Group to be known for their ability to service clients from inception of a project to maintaining the project after completion. In general, Geoff says the company’s vision is to be the “leading innovative project delivery organisation across our target sectors.” They will earn and hold that position, he says, by continuing to offer “tailored project solutions” – solutions that are innovative, satisfy their clients, and increase their client’s profitability.