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Todd Knaus Constructions | 3 Todd Knaus Constructions is a custom home builder and renovation company that focuses on quality rather than quantity. On every project, the company’s dedicated teammakes it their goal to exceed expectations. They don’t just want to deliver a finished product – they want to deliver a product that impresses both their clients and the industry at large. “We provide a complete professional service,” says Todd Knaus, Managing Director of the company. “We have a reputation of new home excellence, and we take a lot of pride in maintaining that.”

4 | Todd Knaus Constructions Todd started his career in the construction industry in Byron Bay, where he grew up and graduated from the local high school. In 2002, he completed his carpentry apprenticeship with a highly respected local builder, and was presented with his first three awards – the Construction and Transport Faculty Award, the Award for Excellence in Training, and the Prestigious Apprentice of the Year Award. Those victories were a strong indicator of things to come. In the years that followed, Todd completed in Certificate IV in Building, and founded Todd Knaus Construction in 2009. Since then, the company has already amassed a long list of accolades, and earned the loyalty of a long list of clients. A PERSONAL APPROACH Today, Todd Knaus Constructions works mainly on the north coast of New South Wales, centred around Byron Bay. Over the years, they work has included everything from small renovations up through to multi-million dollar new homes. No matter what size the project is, however, Todd says clients tend to be drawn to his company due to their “personal approach.” “I work very closely with the client,” he says. “I form a good relationship with them. We become good friends, and I can get into their headspace and see what they want the

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6 | Todd Knaus Constructions house to look like. This enables me to deliver a home that they’re happy with.” Todd also says his company is set apart by their unrivalled attention to detail. As a policy, Toddwon’t take on a job if he doesn’t feel like he can deliver an exceptional result at the end of it. “We pride ourselves on providing nothing but quality work,” Todd explains. “We pride ourselves on our quality finishes. I need to know that at the end of the job, I’ll be able to walk away happy, and the clients will have a product that they will love.” Even before plans have been approved, Todd says he’s happy to meet with clients and provide practical advice. Fromthere the company can take a project right from the development application for council stage, all the way through to landscaping after the job, if that’s what the client wants. The whole time, they take care to keeps clients informed, and Todd acts as a direct contact point if they have any questions about the progress of the build. This hands-on, personal customer service has earned Todd Knaus Constructions a high number of referrals, and even many repeat clients – which is the very best indicator of customer satisfaction that exists, especially in the building industry. INDUSTRY RECOGNISED Todd Knaus Constructions’ dedication

Todd Knaus Constructions | 7 to quality has been repeatedly rewarded – with customer satisfaction, as well as industry awards. Since 2011, the company has won more than a dozen accolades from the Master Builders Awards, including an award for Residential Builder of the Year. “Those awards are a great reinforcement of the work we’re doing,” Todd explains. “We have really high standards, and it’s nice when that’s recognised.” In 2013, the company continued their winning streak by taking home five separate MBA accolades. At the Excellence in Housing Awards for NSW, they won for more Best Contract Home $800,000 to $1 million. At the Excellence in Regional

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Todd Knaus Constructions | 9 Building Awards earlier in the year, they won Best Contract Home $700,000 to $1 million, Best House Renovation $200,000 to $300,000, Best House Renovation $100,000 to $200,000, and Best Medium Density Project. The NSW Award was earned on behalf of a project on Parkway Drive in Ewingsdale. Todd credits that victory to the “tight rein” he and his team keep on their quality, combined with the extensive amount of detail that went into the project. On top of that, Todd also credits his talented team of subcontractors. He says that he’s known and worked with most of them for years now, and has even formed personal friendships with many of them. Those close-knit relationships help ensure that everyone is invested in doing a good job, and have so far resulted in consistently high quality homes. “We stick with our subcontractors and suppliers, and in return they do everything they can to help us out,” Todd explains. “We know they’re going to do their work to the high standard we require, and they know we’re going to look after them.” Moving forward, Todd hopes to continue maintaining those relationships. By doing that, he hopes to continue building on the

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Todd Knaus Constructions | 11 company’s success. Though he doesn’t see the company expanding, he does see them taking on bigger and more detailed jobs as time goes on. “For us, it’s not about doing a lot of jobs a year,” he explains. “It’s about concentrating on the quality of the job. I personally want to be able to oversee everything that happens. That way I can deliver a result I am proud of, the client loves, and can continue our friendship going forward.