PR Corner – Terms and Conditions

About the Program

PR Corner is a new initiative launched by Business World Australia as a means of furthering our reach and scope within the media industry. We already have a voice within the industries we serve, which is clear by the exponential growth we have sustained in our subscriber base levels since inception. Initially launching our inaugural January 2011 issue with a mere 20,000 subscribers; only seven issues under our belt and we now boast over 70,000 subscribers and our popular and informative website garners over 2,100 unique visitors a day on average (consistently between 60,000-70,000 unique visitors per month).

Through BWA’s online properties, we will be offering a mutually beneficial partnership arrangement with select PR Firms, Communications Firms, Marketing and Advertising Agencies across the country.

BWA will offer an opportunity to our media partners to submit press releases for their respective clients, to be published under a new segment of the website and monthly magazine, entitled PR Corner.


The Arrangement

Prospective media partners are to complete our registration process for consideration, and will be accepted into the program if certain criteria are met.

Each of our approved media partners will have the opportunity to submit, on a monthly basis, up to two press releases for our review and consideration for insertion on our website, and in the magazine. This is, by no means, a “lottery” for insertion in the magazine or display on the website. Our editorial team will select what they consider to be the ‘Top 25’ press releases (ie. what they feel our readers will enjoy the most or consider most relevant) and these 25 press releases will be inserted for display on the website’s PR Corner section. Everything on our web 2.0 website is fully SEO compliant and while much of the content is produced in cutting edge digital format – each and every news piece and article on our website has a corresponding white page which is back linked through Google and other search engines. Truly optimising the visibility of our clients, and now, yours.

Every month, many of our approved media partners will provide their clients a great service of getting their important releases promoted via a news source with national reach such as Business World Australia. Do you ever get the feeling that you send through a mail blast on behalf of your client, only to get minimal interest in coverage or response from your recipients? Well now, every month, many of you will have the exciting news to deliver back to your client that you got their release promoted with a widely delivered national publication.

What’s in it for us? While nothing in this world is free, Business World Australia is proud to inform you that this partnership vehicle will not come at a cost to your firm. Instead, by way of agreement, our media partners will further the dissemination and distribution of BWA’s monthly magazine launch. This in turn will further our reach to industry professionals and readers, allowing our featured guests and advertisers greater visibility and exposure, and a greater ROI on their advert placements. It will also further promote the PR Corner segment of the publication as the monthly distribution write up will have a strong focus and briefing on this segment of the publication.

Further to the visibility of being showcased on our website, our Editor-in-Chief will select what he considers the 5 most interesting press releases, and those companies will have their releases showcased in the PR Corner segment of the magazine, which again, goes out to over 70,000+ of our own subscribers, and now to the mailing networks of all the new registered media partners of Business World Australia. The editorial feature will be a full-fledged creative editorial piece, similar to that of any other story or company we profile.


Advertising with BWA

Many of your clients, or clients competitors are already advertising with Business World Australia. You can see that if you flip through any one of our issues (Click any one of the ‘Feature Books’ at the bottom to flip through and see our previously highlighted advertising and featured clients from specific industry sectors). We write about the countries best. We showcase the countries best. And our readers stem from some of the ‘best’ and largest organisation across industry sectors like: Construction, Mining/Resources, Oil & Gas/Energy, Healthcare, Public/Institutional, Food & Beverage, Telecom, Private Equity and Manufacturing.

To our knowledge, many of our competitors offer the occasional 10 or 15% ‘Agency Fee’ to firms that bring them business on behalf of their clients. We will be outdoing our competitors once again. We are offering our carefully selected media partners a 20% commission on all advertising campaigns booked on behalf of their clients. That is a rather sizable commission, and for many, will act as a great new revenue source during trying economic times.

Advertising needs to make sense! So doesn’t it only make sense that your clients advertise with a national publication which has major reach across all regions of the country? With over 70,000 subscribed readers, who have opted-in to receive Business World Australia, it is no wonder our portfolio of advertising clients include some of the largest Australian born and raised corporations, leading multinationals, and regional family-based companies across the nation. With a carefully planned advertising campaign with Business World Australia – we can help your clients get their name out to the people that matter; middle management to senior level executives and business owners in the regions your clients serve. Our readers are decision makers; people with purchasing power. This is exactly how you deliver sustainable and value-added Communications/PR consulting advice – get them in front of the appropriate audience!

Business World Australia welcomes your application to the program, and we look forward to working with you. Please complete the registration form in detail as these points will help us evaluate your candidacy for the PR Corner Partnership Program.



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