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Pairing Style with Quality and Responsibility

Founded in 2001, Match is a boutique developer situated in Western Australia dedicated to matching design and space with urban lifestyles. Aside from building unique developments, Match has also preserved and converted heritage sites. Match delivers award-winning work and continues to offer unique designs that shape new, urban landscapes.

A great architectural feat highlighted in the Match portfolio is the M/32 Terrace Homes, which rest on the Shoreline Precinct in North Coogee. Lloyd Clark, Managing Director of Match’s parent company, M/Group, discusses the ideal location of the M/32 Homes.

According to Lloyd, M/32 is “situated a few steps from the beach and on the cusp of South Fremantle, Shoreline is a master-planned coastal community that has been carefully designed to create a diverse family-friendly environment, with expansive parkland, playgrounds and future plans for a coastal plaza to include shopping, cafes and dining.”

While Match focused on inner-city development and building a reputation in its earlier years, the company began to shift its attention to the Fremantle coastal corridor. They saw the site as a place with great potential, good infrastructure, and excellent growth prospects.

Lloyd says, “Match has had significant involvement in Fremantle and its stretch of coastline for almost a decade with many varying projects catering to people from all walks of life. There really is no other place in the world like WA’s coastline, and with the revitalisation that is currently underway in Fremantle and North Coogee we’re very confident it has a bright future.”

Match successfully managed to harness the beauty and potential of the Fremantle Coastline and convert it to the innovative M/32 Terrace Homes. The balconies offer beautiful views of the surrounding landscape while the large windows connect the interior and exterior with sunlight.

The celebration of coastal living does not stop with the exterior. The interiors of soft whites and mica motion back to the salty ocean and bright sand just beyond the window.

“Internally,” notes Lloyd, “colour scheme options are inspired by ‘sand dunes and salt spray’ or ‘sea swells and storms.’ Or, purchasers can simply be the curator of their own space that reflects their personalities as part of the construction process.”

Match collaborated with David Barr, Director of Cast Studio, an award-winning architecture firm, to design a concept which celebrated coastal living and peaceful, private spaces for the family. Match and David Barr shared a vision and philosophy regarding the dialogue between a building and its surrounding environment.

Lloyd notes, “As an award-winning architect, David Barr from Cast Studio, is Perth-based and reputed in Western Australia for consistently delivering creative, sustainable and ‘of its place’ work. David is passionate about good design and the value in commencing a project with a narrative that might respond to local character or context, the climate or the brief. With M/32 Terrace Homes by Match, David draws inspiration from one of the world’s most celebrated architectural innovations of our time, adapting the concept to the Australian conditions and way of life.”

The accomplishment that is M/32 Terrace Homes reflects the strong and sustained relationships that Match builds with its architects, subcontractors, trades, and clients. By consistently working with reliable individuals who share the same standard for quality and detail, Match has managed to delivery quality work that client’s expect.

“We consistently choose to work with the same architects,” adds Lloyd, “because we see them as partners in business – believing that working with good people on a regular basis achieves a better outcome and a higher quality design.”

Match not only considers the quality of the physical product, but it also takes into account the surrounding environment and the quality of life individuals want to have. By understanding the lifestyle of its clients, Match is able to provide value through convenience and ease of living.

Lloyd outlines, “M/32 Terrace Homes offer all the benefits of apartment living but with more space. The homes are low maintenance perfect for a lock-and-leave lifestyle similar to that of an apartment but provide separated living and 3-storeys of space suitable for a family. With the beach as your playground, residents don’t need the maintenance hassle that comes with a traditional backyard.”

Match does more than offer homes with high levels of amenities. It offers a home which accounts for the interactivity between a person and the surrounding environment. They offer a home which matches your lifestyle. It’s matchmaking at its best.

“When you purchase into a Match project, you are not buying into a ‘cookie-cutter’ development. You are buying into a unique proposition and a ‘built-form’ signature of your taste and style. Helping people live in a style that they love, elevates what we do beyond what is expected of a developer,” tells Lloyd.

Match was behind the iconic restoration and adaptive re-use of the Dalgety Wool Stores to create what we now know as the Heirloom Warehouse Apartments. Match re-imagined the industrial warehouse as a context for apartments with beautiful brickwork and exposed jarrah beams. Elevation and style are at the heart of Match’s work.

When looking at its history, it is clear that Match will continue to evolve and help visualise new landscapes to cater for emerging lifestyles and needs. Match will continue to integrate well-designed and beautiful spaces into thriving and growing communities.

“As the apartment market has evolved, so too has Match’s desire to keep meeting the demand of people who want the best out of their lives and their home environments,” Lloyd says. ““We helped to break the mould of apartment living back in the early 2000’s, now we’re looking to bring even more to the table in terms of innovation and style.”

From Heirloom to the unique design of M/32 Terrace Homes and everything in between, Match has established a portfolio with a clear vision.

“Match works to a proven and distinctive formula that has endured changing market conditions, and delivered high-quality, considered residences that have effectively helped alter the perception of higher-density living. We see design as a delicate balancing act that seeks to address aesthetic, social, heritage, statutory, environmental and amenity aspects,” details Lloyd.

This company’s power rests in its name—Match. Match is able to combine environment, lifestyle, design, and quality in order to match a beautiful home with the ideal client in the perfect setting.

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