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Trademark Skills, Superior Homes

Founded in 1973, Raymond Vincent Homes offers custom built homes with superior and award-winning quality. After forty years of business, Raymond Vincent Homes is known for innovative design and attention to detail. Its 2020 HIA NSW Awards are a testament to the company’s close attention to quality.

When looking at the company’s design portfolio, it is clear that Raymond Vincent brings modern and uniquely different homes to families. Director Raymond Vincent describes the specific market for the company’s homes.

“We aimed for the market at the upper end of the project home market to the underside of the architect design market” notes Vincent. “We aimed for somewhere in the middle gap. We market as a project company, but we are not a project builder. Our basic specification is more expensive than a project builder.”

Many of the company’s homes are priced between $500,000 to a million. In fact, a new display home recently built was priced at $800,000. These prices reflect the detail, design, and quality that Raymond Vincent infuses in every build.

Vincent attributes the company’s continued success to its unique vision and ability to offer innovative, modern designs.

“We do not like to follow the patterns so much with building designs. Most of our houses are different. We are a bit of standout and have standout houses” notes Vincent.

Raymond Vincent homes have notable curved or sloping roofs. It is this curve that helps the company’s homes stand out among others. For instance, their Eloura house design has a particularly modern look. The sloping tiered roofing of the five-bedroom home complements the geometric windows and garage doors.

The same visual interest can be said of the Sandon Point Design—a three-storey home with three living rooms on the mid-level. Rather than an intensely curved roof, this home offers a gentle, sloping roof. The large rectangular windows lining the front of the home offer significant mounts of natural light into the rooms while the windows in the back offer a relaxing view of the pool.

This curved roofing design is a signature of Raymond Vincent Homes, and it is one that Raymond Vincent points to as a brand signature.

“We have a design that is not necessarily the popular design of the time” reflects Vincent. “We were previously the first company to build a display home with a curved roof. We started with a curved ridge, and then we progressed to a house with a fully curved roof. To our knowledge it was groundbreaking. We like to stay ahead of the game.”

Raymond Vincent has a background in design, as he did design work when he first started in the industry. It is not surprising, then, that the company prides itself on its innovative design. The company’s designs have even been awarded HIA NSW awards.

In 2020 alone, the company was a Finalist in the categories of 2020 HIA NSW Region Residential Interior Design award, the Custom-Built Home up to $600,000, and Custom-Built Home $600,000-$1 million.

The company credits much of its success and longevity to its customers and teams. In fact, it is the collaboration with customers that often results in a well-designed and unique home. That is why Raymond Vincent is always happy to alter a house plan to suit the unique needs or style of a client. These adjustments can help craft an award-winning home with a timeless design.

Vincent mentions that collaboration between clients and teams also result in great levels of job satisfaction among employees at the company.

“I think it is the job satisfaction. We get the opportunity to put together a custom design. You get a chance to design something that suits the property and the clients’ requirements. There is a lot of satisfaction in what we are doing” adds Vincent.

That job satisfaction is matched by the satisfaction and excitement of its clients. Since the company displays show homes in village, many of the homes receive foot traffic. The villages often lead clients to Raymond Vincent Homes.

“A lot of our inquiries come from our local reputation. We’ve been building on the south coast for fifty years, although we have been actively marketing our name for thirty. We are well known and have been in the industry. With the display homes we get a lot of traffic which generates a lot of business as well.

The way in which Raymond Vincent Homes treats its customers continues to build a positive reputation. That reputation always reflects on the staff which make the company successful.

“It comes down to the staff. We do not have a big staff, but everyone that works here goes out of their way to be nice to the customers. We try to give them everything they ask for. We don’t restrict the number of variations they make after we sign the contract, even if that means undoing work or change the building. We accommodate. We have the philosophy that we are building someone else’s house and we want to give them what they want” notes Vincent.

It is this great customer service that has led to a few repeat customers. Vincent notes that the company even built five homes for one customer. For Raymond Vincent Homes quality is not just in the build—it is also in the customer service.

That great customer service points towards a great company culture. The staff at Raymond Vincent Homes is small, but many stay with the company until retirement. Long-lasting relationships extend to the tradespeople the company hires as well.

“We only use tradesman that we know” outlines Vincent. “We prefer to wait rather than using someone new.”

By using known tradespeople and retaining employees, the company is able to offer consistent service and meet shared expectations.

When looking at the progress of the company and its future, Raymond Vincent finds no immediate need to grow. In keeping to its current volume and speed, the company can keep its attention on quality service.

“I like where we are and have no current plans to change” ponders Vincent. “The cost of materials is going up, our bracket is going to go up. If the houses get much bigger or more expensive, then the houses are going to demand more supervision.”

By keeping to what they know best, Raymond Vincent Homes will continue to deliver quality homes with unique designs. After forty years in business, they continue to retain their trademark skills and their clear attention to detail in order to build superior homes.

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