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One-of-a-Kind Design and Service

Based in Melbourne, Strength Group is a custom luxury home builder and renovator. The company prides itself on an in-house team of Architects, Engineers and Builders, which allows for efficient communication with its clients and other project stakeholders. In its seven years of business, Strength Group has developed a diverse portfolio with more than one hundred designs and build projects completed.

The company was first founded in 2014 by Aditya Kuthalam and Mark Rapa. Together, the two are a dynamic duo with a blend of experience in Architecture and Building. Kuthalam, the Managing Director and Co-Founder, has over fifteen years of experience in Architecture and Project Management.

Rapa, the Construction Director and Co-Founder, has over twenty-five years of experience in construction site supervision. In fact, Rapa started his career in a very hands-on way as a carpenter. By putting their experiences together, Kuthalam and Rapa discovered there was a great need for their combined services and so started their own company.

“The reason for our partnership” reflects Kuthalam, “is that we saw that there were many inefficiencies and many ways we couldn’t progress quickly during the designing and building processes. We partnered up to eliminate problems. Synergy was born from there, and that is how we came up with Strength Group.”

In order to make the designing and building processes smoother and more efficient, Strength Group built an in-house team. The in-house team creates a one point of contact for clients, and it allows its architects and builders to simultaneously collaborate on a project to formulate a realistic outcome within budget.

Strength Group has added to this synergy by setting up an engineering branch. Such an addition adds more service and benefits to the client.

“As of last year, we included an engineering division, and we have a business partner running that. Further to this we also do much of our own trade work and even manufacture items in our factory. The more we do in-house, then the more efficient we can become. This also leads to greater collaboration and synergy as more parts are added to our in-house team. All this ultimately leads to better outcomes for our clients” adds Kuthalam.

One of these better outcomes is transparency for the client and a workflow that is designed to solve problems and implement solutions that fit the client’s needs and expectations. Kuthalam points to in-house work as a major part of Strength Group’s ability to best estimate costs and adjust the build to a client’s wishes.

“Because we got the building arm, we price our jobs accurately prior to finalizing the design concept, so the client has a realistic indication of cost before going too far down the process. They might not have this indication with just an architect. We are able to bring in efficiencies early through the engineering arm in ensuring designs efficient in how they are constructed. Having the design and engineering arms also makes it easy to make changes on site. Basically, in any part of the process, it is easy to be in contact with each other for clarification. Our teams work closely, so the work flows smoothly” outlines Kuthalam.

Kuthalam notes that the company prides itself on communication with clients. There are regular contact points and meetings built into the design process. The built-in meetings always keep clients in the know about the project and its status.

“They are kept in the loop with everything” adds Kuthalam. “We actually do regular meetings with clients during the build. You are always having touchpoints with clients, so they never feel kept out of the loop. That is one way to build a level of trust and communication.”

This smooth, collaborative workflow allows for assurance of quality and luxury products. It is clear from Strength Group’s portfolio that the company tries to remain on the cutting-edge while always maintaining its high standard of quality. Strength Group is assisting clients who want something new, custom, and unique.

“We are doing things that are custom, luxury, and pushing boundaries. People who want something different and exciting come to us. We don’t do the run-of-the-mill houses” adds Kuthalam.

Strength Group is able to bring new, exciting designs and vision to projects because the team has a such a strong and diverse background. Even the company’s unique utilization of material creates pathways for new designs. 

Kuthalam explains, “We came from a commercial building background. Coming to the residential space, we came to see it in a fresh light. We asked how we could use the materials in commercial construction and looking at ways we could build residential houses with commercial methods. That was something that we have been passionate about.”

The Keysborough Residence is one home that illustrates Strength Group’s unique perspective on design and material. The minimalist home utilizes concrete brickwork, foam and render, metal cladding, and timber. The interplay of materials is both modern and luxurious.

The same level of quality and luxury is also applied to Strength Groups’ renovations. For the renovation in Wheelers Hill, the company managed to transform a retro 70’s interior to a modern one by replacing carpet and tile with timber boards. Rather than plaster, the brick walls remained as a means to contrast black timber frames. 

When calling upon the quality of Strength Groups’ work, Kuthalam gives credit to the team’s level of quality control and their prescribed processes.

“Throughout the design, every point of the design has our senior designer review it, checking it, and approving it” notes Kuthalam. “There are certain touchpoints that we assure are done correctly so that nothing in the future is negatively impacted. We have reviews before moving into the next stage. You also have checks across every stage of the engineering and the build.”

Whether it is a new luxury home, a home renovation, a cultural center, a nightclub, or an office, Strength Group will use their in-house team to make sure every detail is considered and the utmost quality upheld.

It is not shocking that Strength Group has loyal customers, trades, suppliers and subcontractors. The quality and success of the company speaks to the number of projects they currently have ongoing.

“We’ve got about ten construction jobs and about twenty design jobs going on at any one time. They can be renovations, where you extend out and up sometimes. They could be double-storey architectural homes with a basement. Then you’ve got the townhouses and multistorey residences too. Every project is one of a kind. Our biggest one is a five-storey building. You have a couple levels of offices. That is for a private developer” notes Kuthalam.

Despite continued success, Kuthalam does not foresee the company growing bigger in the traditional sense any time soon. Instead, he wants the business to grow in different ways.

“In terms of Strength Group itself, we don’t necessarily want to grow it any bigger vertically but rather bigger horizontally” adds Kuthalam. “We are opening other arms to the group. We are looking at getting into other trade work, like producing metal frames. We want to explore other avenues and markets within our industry where there are openings for innovation. It will be growing its breadth rather than its depth.”

Regardless of how much or where Strength Group grows, it is certain that the company will continue to use its in-house team as its ultimate strength. Strength Group will continue to work as a group to build products that are luxurious and always high quality.

“When you are working as a team, we are working for the greater good, which is the client. The architect is working in mind with the engineer, trade, and builder. That is the benefit of bringing everyone together” adds Kuthalam.

It will always be the team and teamwork which gives Strength Group its ultimate ability to “Imagine. Design. Create.”

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