Vis Constructions

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Reliable quality

Based in Far North Queensland, Vis Constructions is an award-winning builder with a commitment to quality construction and project delivery. From top to bottom, their team is experienced and hard-working, and they know what it takes to deliver high quality projects on time and on budget,

“The Vis name has a very good reputation in the area, and maintaining that is very important to us,” says Blake Hard, a Director of the company. “We do everything we can to live up to the quality standard we’ve created, and we make sure we give clients what they want.” 

Blake comes from a long career in the construction industry, and moved to Cairns around 2001. After earning some experience in the local area with another company, he joined Vis Constructions – a company founded by veteran builder Keith Vis, who had been operating in the area for more than 15 years. In 2010, Blake became Keith’s partner in the business.

Personal approach

Today, Vis Constructions mainly operates in Cairns and the surrounding areas, such as the Atherton Tablelands, Port Douglas, and Tully. In recent years, a lot of their work has been in the public realm, where they have built a strong reputation for delivering community centres, educational facilities, and health facilities.

Historically, the company has also built a strong portfolio of renovation and refurbishment work, residential homes, warehouses, and industrial commercial projects. Their capabilities have been proven to be expansive and varied, and their team has demonstrated their specialist skills in timber work, heritage building, tilt-up concrete, and most other construction methods.

According to Blake, Vis Constructions can do “anything and everything a client needs.” That depth of skill, he says, is one of the main factors thatset the company apart. The personalised approach of the Directors is another important factor.

“Keith and I take a very hands-on approach with every project we do,” Blake says. “We stay in touch with what’s happening on site and with our clients at all times. We ensure they’re getting the quality they want and the experience they want.”

In the community sector in particular, Vis Constructions has applied that personal approach to a long string of notable projects. They have built a good relationship with the local Catholic Diocese, for example, and have been engaged to build many of their school projects. They are also PCQ2 approved, and have done a lot of work with the local government on projects like the Bentley Park Early Learning Centre, the Wuchopperen Child and Family Centre, and the category five cyclone shelter at Tully State School. 

“When we put our name forward, we’re known as a reliable contractor,” Blake explains. “I like to think that our clients know we have their best interests at heart, and that’s part of why they keep choosing us.”

“We approach every job in every sector with a view to gain repeat work,” he adds. “We think that if we approach things the right way and try to look after our client as best we can, then future projects will come – whether from the client directly, or from referrals.”

“It’s all about ensuring your name is kept in high regard,” he says. “If you do that, then the potential for future work is always there.”

Looking after everybody

Vis Constructions also fosters strong relationships with their team – which includes both their dedicated staff, as well as their roster of locally-based subcontractors.

“We try to look after everybody as best we can, with the expectation they look after us in return,” Blake explains. “We make sure payments are made appropriately and on time, and we make sure we’re working closely together to make things as simple and efficient as possible.

“A good portion of the trades that we have working with us are ones that are constantly working with us,” Blake says. “We have never had anyone turn down a job. We work with them to make them happy, and the result is they work very hard to make us happy.”

Blake says those kinds of equitable relationships have allowed Vis Constructions to live up to their reputation for delivering quality work in a timely manner. That reputation, he reiterates, is what attracts the attention of their clients – though it also attracts the attention of industry bodies such as the MBA.

Over the years, Vis Constructions has won a long list of industry accolades, in a variety of categories reflecting their diversity of skills. Since 2000, for example, they have taken home awards ranging all the way from Best Individual Home, to Best Innovation in Environmental Management, Best Industrial Building up to $4 million, and Best Low-Rise Multi-Residential Housing (Townhouses).

“It gives us pleasure to be recognised for the hard work that we have been doing,” Blake says of that recognition. “It is a tough industry, and it’s even tougher at the moment. To be able to produce projects that are judged by our peers, and acknowledged as well done – that’s deeply satisfying, and it makes us want to keep doing it again and again.”

Blake also says that awards attention help confirm Vis Constructions’ quality in the eyes of clients. If a client is considering them, he says they will often check to see if they have accomplished anything. When they see that they have, their minds are set at ease.

“It’s good advertising,” he explains. “It shows what we can do. We don’t set out to achieve those awards, we set out to satisfy our clients – but it’s definitely a positive when it happens.” Moving forward, Blake says the philosophy behind Vis Constructions won’t change. He and Keith will continue to offer a hands-on approach and ensure their standard of quality is reliably maintained. As a result, he expects the company to continue attracting that attention.