Bailey Homes

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Quality and innovation

Bailey Homes is a building company with more than 30 years’ experience constructing quality homes in South Australia. Since their inception, the company has built more than 380 homes, and has forged a reputation as a caring, trustworthy, and professional builder.

“Building a dream home is something that should only be entrusted to a builder who is ethical, professional, and has family values – and that’s what Bailey Homes is all about,” says Don Bailey, Director of the company. “We take a personal approach to all aspects of our business. We always have, and we always will.”

Don started his career as a carpenter straight out of school. After completing his apprenticeship, he earned several years of experience with local builders, before becoming the youngest person to have ever been awarded a Builder’s License at that time. In 1991, he founded Bailey Homes, and has since done everything from renovations to million dollar homes and unit developments. 

“Your vision, our passion”

Based on the Fleurieu Peninsula, Bailey Homes has become the builder of choice on South Australia’s South Coast. This reputation has been generated by a long line of satisfied customers – all of whom have been happy to spread the word about the company’s quality and approach to building.

“We get comments that we’re friendly, caring, and helpful,” Don says. “We service the client’s needs from the minute they walk in, to the house maintenance period afterwards.”

Over the years, Bailey Homes has worked on a wide range of projects, from single story homes  and commercial work, to luxury homes with magnificent views. No matter what they are working on, however, they do their very best to meet the individual needs of the client. They go out of their way to design a product that will meet expectations and satisfy the requirements of the client’s unique lifestyle.

During the design phase, clients are heavily involved and consulted with. Later, once the building is underway, clients speak with Bailey Homes’ interior designers to select essential aesthetic components, from laminates to paint colour.

“We take care of them,” Don says. “We don’t send them off to different suppliers to figure it out.”

Bailey Homes makes themselves available to the client throughout each step of homebuilding. Recently, their dedication to clients has increased by creating a Client Portal where clients can access a collection of photographs that show their home at each stage of building. This technological innovation allows the client to be involved at all times, even if they cannot be physically present.

“We bring to life the client’s vision with our passion,” Don says, summing up the company’s approach to customer service.

In addition to client satisfaction, Bailey Homes is dedicated to maintaining strong relationships with subcontractors – many of whom Don has been working with for more than 20 years.

“A good network of subcontractors and a strong relationship means results if we need something in a hurry, or if we need to fix something for our clients.”

Industry recognised

Since 2005, Bailey Homes have received awards for their outstanding work. Recognized by both the MBA and HIA, the company has been the recipient of over a dozen awards in categories such as Lightweight Construction, Environmental Efficient Housing, and Sustainable Housing.

At the 2013 HIA Awards, the company’s award-winning streak continued when one of their projects was selected as the South Australian Home of the Year. The award-winning home is located in Maslin Beach, and Don describes it as a special project for the company.

“The client was looking for a house with attention to detail,” he says. “They saw our work on the South Coast, and through planning with an architect, we were able to build their dream home.”

“The home is nestled in the hills overlooking the beach,” Don says. “The architect designed it to compliment the stunning coastal location.”

“There were mixed finishes and a lot of accuracy was needed on our part,” he adds. “Overall, the character of the house is stunning. The products chosen are beautiful and I’m particularly proud of the use of timber as well.”

Included in the house are polished concrete floors and double glazed windows that extend from floor to ceiling. These features are vital for environmental sustainability – which is something Bailey Homes takes seriously on all their projects.

“We all have to look after our planet,” Don says. “I want to do things that are sustainable or recyclable. This means building with less waste and less need for energy consuming heating and cooling systems.”

“We design homes with living areas that can enjoy the winter sun but also stops the summer sun,” he says.

To witness Bailey Homes’ passion for sustainability in action, clients can visit “The Eden,” one of two Bailey display homes in the Fleurieu Peninsula.

The next generation

Moving forward, Don and his team are also preparing Bailey Homes for the future. Whilst one of the main goals is to embrace innovation wherever they find it, Don does not necessarily think that bigger is better.

“We don’t necessarily want to change our process or how many houses we build, but rather improve with new technologies. We still want to be personal with our clients.”

In the future, Don expects Bailey Homes to continue to adopt leading-edge technology. Currently, their site and sales staff already carry Samsung Tablets which enable them to efficiently access information – even while standing on a construction site. In the years to come, Don expects to similarly utilise new software to better plan and organise jobs, as well 3D visualisation programs to help clients better visualise their projects.

“We also want to extend the business into the secondary phase of houses including landscaping, fencing, and gardens,” Don says.

Most importantly, however, Don says they want to continue doing what they do best.

 “We want to keep our reputation and continue to be sustainable,” he concludes.