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Working together

Rawcorp is an acclaimed and growing construction company founded in 2005 on the Gold Coast. Despite coming together during a tough time for the construction industry, they have had the skill, expertise and dedication to prosper. Over the years, that dedication has earned them a long list of industry accolades, and an even longer list of satisfied clients.

“We’re committed to providing value for money,” says David Walton, Director of the company. “We have the experience and knowledge to properly balance budget, time, and quality, while creating effective relationships with everyone we work with.”

David has lived and worked on the Gold Coast for more than 32 years. In that time, he has worked in almost every sector of the building industry. Prior to founding Rawcorp, he managed a number of large projects – from multi-residential projects, to large commercial and industrial projects valued as high as $15 million.

Anthony Rigby – David’s partner and the co-founder of Rawcorp – has been involved with the Gold Coast construction industry for almost as long. Over the course of his expansive career, Anthony has worked for a variety of companies, on a range of projects. He’s delivered everything from minor residential works through to multi-level luxury unit projects.

Together, David and Anthony have a vast understanding of construction and project planning services, and they work together with clients to provide the best possible results for all projects.

Easy to work with

Today, Rawcorp concentrates on operating in the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas, and tends to split their work equally between commercial and residential projects. Over the past nine years, they have done everything from upmarket homes, townhouses and apartments, to commercial offices, retail centres, and large construction and refurbishments of car showrooms.

No matter what they are building, David says Rawcorp is set apart by the “hands-on approach” of himself and Anthony. Though the business has grown to include nine experienced foreman, the Directors are still personally involved in every project, and give clients one-on-one attention.

“We’re easy to work with,” he adds. “We like to advise clients about budgets and feasibilities before they even start the project. We work with them to provide cost savings, and we offer new ideas.”

“We’re honest, we’re upfront, and if there are any issues we work them out right away,” he says. “That way, we build really strong relationships.”

As a result of their personalised approach, David estimates that 75 per cent of the company’s work comes from repeat clients. At the moment, for example, they have five ongoing jobs for customers they have successfully worked with before.

Industry recognised

Rawcorp’s commitment to quality has been recognised many times over the years by industry bodies such as the MBA and UDIA. In 2011, for example, they won a national UDIA award in the Medium to Large Density Development category, for their work on the Centrus Townhouse project at Eight Mile Plains. The next year, they won a Gold Coast MBA Award for Refurbishment / Renovation up to $5 million, for the exceptional results they achieved with the Southport Hyundai Showroom.

“That recognition gives us a sense of achievement,” David says. “It also distinguishes us in the local industry and the local community. It tells people that we’re here for the long term, and we can deliver quality projects.”

Most recently, Rawcorp won a 2013 Gold Coast Housing & Construction Award in the category for Commercial Building (Office Accommodation) up to $2.5 million. That accolade was won on behalf of the company’s own office in Merrimac.

When designing that project, David says they worked with the architects to make the office “lightweight,” and to maximise the internal area. Because it was built through the GFC, the budget was tight, but they were still able to deliver an outstanding work area that is “easy-flowing, efficient, and comfortable.”

David credits the awards success to the hands-on approach he and Anthony take to building. As with all their projects, they were both heavily involved in the building, and ensured the quality was up to their personal high standards.

“The building presents well from the street, is easily accessible, and has some of the personal touches we like,” he says. “There are plenty of windows, open spaces, and water tanks, plus the boardroom table is made of recycled timber – we just really paid attention to detail.”

“We go to the same lengths for clients,” he adds. “It doesn’t matter the scope or the budget of a project, we always try to achieve the highest quality finish possible. It doesn’t matter who we’re working for, we always try to achieve the best outcome for everybody.”

David also credits the award-worthy quality – of their office, and every other project they take on – to the strong working relationships they foster with subcontractors and suppliers. Some of those relationships, David says, go back to the very beginning of Rawcorp.

AUSREO, for example, is Rawcorp’s trusted supplier of concrete reinforcing products. David says that they can be counted on to deliver professional, reliable, and affordable solutions in a timely fashion. In return, they can count on Rawcorp to treat them fairly and pay on time.  

“Repeat business is good for our partners, and good for us,” David says. “So we avoid disputes. If there’s an issue, we sit down with them and we work it out. Just like with our clients, we’re honest and open. We work closely together to deliver a quality product on budget, and in program.”

Here to stay

Moving forward, David sees Rawcorp continuing to grow. They are currently recruiting new site managers, and in the near future they hope to hire a construction manager as well. They also want to do their own developing. They started doing that when the GFC hit, starting with holding a few units in each project for rental purposes. Over the years, they have steadily continued down that path.

“We believe in our own product and invest in ourselves, with each new development getting larger and more upmarket,” David says.

Currently, Rawcorp has a new seven-storey development in the heart of Southport, which commenced in May 2014. According to David, the project – called Rise Southport – offers “singularly designed sophisticated living,” consists of 30 two-bed, two-bath quality units, and is positioned close to all amenities, including Australia Fair Shopping Centre and the new light rail.

No matter how big Rawcorp grows, however, David says they will never compromise on their personal service.

“Anthony and I will always be involved,” he says. “We believe it’s important that we meet with the client first, and we believe it’s important we develop a strong working relationship. Our doors are always open, and they always will be.”

“Rawcorp is here to stay,” he adds. “We’re proud of our products and our staff, and the service we give our clients. We’d like to maintain that level of service, and be part of the continuing growth in the South East Queensland region.”