Waterway Constructions

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Coast to coast construction

Waterway Constructions is a specialist maritime contractor with the capacity to undertake construction, maintenance and refurbishment of maritime structures throughout Australia. Their experienced team of engineers and construction staff is committed to working with clients to optimise all project outcomes, and to provide the best solution for each project. As a result, they have a history of developing trusting, long-term relationships and absolute reliability of delivery.

Waterway first commenced operations in 1993, following a staff and management buy-out of the wharf maintenance section of the New South Wales (NSW) Waterways Authority, formerly known as the Maritime Services Board. Under the leadership of foundation directors Mal Hiley and Jim Millar, the company has since grown from ten staff to 135 staff, with offices in Brisbane, Gladstone, Melbourne and Sydney.

In June 2010, Waterway Constructions joined Keller Australia Pty Ltd and as part of the Keller Group of companies has developed an enhanced capacity for growth. Key to this growth will be Waterway’s commitment to technical innovation, staff development and a regard for all clients as partners in the reliable and efficient delivery of their projects.

An industry leader

“What sets us apart is a combination of things,” says Alex Hickton, Waterway’s Business Development Manager. “First and foremost, clients choose us because we have demonstrated our capability through an outstanding track record of performance utilising our highly skilled staff and purpose built fleet of specialist equipment.”

“It’s also because people know that we’re going to be reasonable, upfront, and communicate well with our clients. We work through issues and work with our customers to deliver what they want, and we have a reputation of being easy to work with.”

“We have an absolute commitment to safety, quality and reliability of delivery,” he says. “Because of our commitment to working with our clients, we develop positive relationships.”

Waterway is also very committed to the development of their staff through apprenticeships and cadetships, and Alex says that “skilled and loyal staff are a key part of Waterways long term plans.” As a result, the company has developed a multi-skilled and motivated team able to undertake a broad range of tasks.

“Our teams of construction carpenters, divers, crane operators and other construction staff are employed under the Waterway Constructions Pty Ltd Enterprise Agreement, which is compliant with the National Code for Construction,” Alex says.

The company is fully committed to safety at all levels of the company with HSE Staff devoted to overseeing the implementation and monitoring of safety procedures. All Waterway Constructions supervisors receive ongoing specific WHS training, resulting in the company’s outstanding safety performance.

Furthermore, Health and Safety Representatives provide a forum for reviewing safety processes. This results in continual improvement of safety management in the workplace, with the consultative process instrumental in the development of the Waterway Construction’s Safety Charter, which details a range of commitments by all staff.

Proven ability

With its broad skillset, including in-house design capability, Waterway can undertake the design and construction of maritime structures on a turn-key basis, from design to commissioning. Waterway also has an extensive track record when it comes to the upgrade of existing facilities in all construction mediums, including timber, concrete and steel.

Over the years, the company’s broad range of abilities and technical skills has won them a long list of awards from bodies such as Engineers Australia, the Civil Contractors Federation and the Master Builders Association of Australia. Acclaimed projects include the unique underwater carpark in Walsh bay, Sydney, the MOF facility in Gladstone, Queensland, the Sydney Harbour Ferry Wharf Upgrade Program and the reconstruction of flood damaged ferry terminals in Brisbane in 2011.

Moving forward, Alex says Waterway will continue to exceed expectations in those markets – while also moving into new ones.

“We’re going to expand our operations and further develop our experience in the oil and gas sector,” he says. “At the same, we’re going to maintain our core skills in ferry terminal construction, port infrastructure, and aids to navigation.”